Week 1: Giants vs. Cowboys

So the 2012 NFL Season is just a few days away! (Finally!) If you share the same enthusiasm for the sport as I do, then you are probably sitting here anxiously updating your Fantasy Football rosters and counting down the minutes until kickoff. So while you wait with a bud light in hand, barbecuing wings and praying that the football gods would bestow your picks with ungodly statistical numbers; to enhance your bragging rights when you return to the dull monotony of your work place, I will give you a few points to read over and discuss. (If you happen to enjoy that type of thing.)

Overall, I’ve been quite impressed with both organizations. While Dallas seemed to struggle a little bit in the first few weeks of the pre-season, lets be honest…its the pre-season. Tony Romo still looks sharp, and statistically matches up very well with Eli Manning of the Giants. The biggest concern facing Dallas is the overall health of their team. Receivers Dez Bryant (knee) and Miles Austin (hamstring) reportedly will be able to start against New York, but Tight End Jason Witten (spleen) is still uncertain, and the fact he has not been cleared by Doctors yet should be of some concern. However, John Phillips -his back up- made a few impressive plays in Game 3 of the pre-season and DeMarco Murray looked very sharp.

On the other hand, Eli Manning has looked every bit of the Elite Superbowl MVP he did at the conclusion of last season, and Victor Cruz is on pace to have another outstanding year as well. I was particularly impressed with the rookie acquisition of running back David Wilson. He opened in Game 3 of the pre-season against the Chicago Bears, where he stated before the game that he wanted to “wow people,” then proceeded to do just that. He ran through tackles like he was running through air, and gained impressive yardage against a veteran defense. Having him in the backfield to support Ahmad Bradshaw adds an entire new avenue of offense to an already dangerous passing game.

Rivalry games are always fun to watch, and I don’t think this one will be an exception. I could really see it swinging either way, as both offenses have great weapons and both defenses can do damage. However, the past few years, the Giants have started out slowly, and I believe playing on the road will work against them. I am predicting the final score 28-24, with the Cowboys able to steal the win.


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